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Trade 76 When The Market's A Bit Too Happy

Trade 76 When The Market’s A Bit Too Happy

When Vol is Neither Big nor small We sometimes like to go directional, but an outright purchase of options is not …a great option. We could buy a put, a put spread,a call or a call spread. This would be safer than a combination (risk reversal for US traders). A combo is the buying of […]

Trade73 Cheap and Cheerful

Trade73 Cheap and Cheerful

Trade 72- What’s the Story? Remember? Strangle at 7150 and 6300, credit of 39.5. Now the whole thing has gone a bit lopsided, what are the options (doh) for adjusting? The puts are now over 10% OTM so no worry there, the calls are close to the money at 100 points above so here’s how […]