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Trade 165 Week Ending  17th January

Trade 165 Week Ending 17th January

Another Dreary Week For a Volatility Hungry Trader Up again- another 1%+.Quelle surprise mes amis (just using up the last quota before Brexit means no French words allowed).  So Brexit looms nobody gives a monkey’s, to coin a phrase. Our esteemed chancellor casually mentioned that businesses may find the ground a ‘tad shaky’. However,nobody cares. […]

mild disinterest sums this up

Trade 164 Week ending 10 January

Another Week of Nothing- Are We Exhausted? Perhaps a great many folk are still on leave. Arch enemies USA and Iran squared up to each other but it all fizzled out. Commentators are saying the market is in imminent danger– NOT. Retailers are in decline and partners in John Lewis may not get their bonus, […]

Trade163 Week Ending 03Jan 2020(really????)

Trade163 Week Ending 03Jan 2020(really????)

The Week of Going Nowhere FTSE’s inertia was hardly surprising given a quiet week for trading and tiny volumes. We ‘take stock’ with each new year and this new decade is a big milestone.  Ten years ago we saw FTSE at 5413, up about 40%. The nation’s debt is up 80% So, if the UK […]