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That Was The Week Ending 13July

Treading Water With Some Strange Days With the bizarre 1.3% drop on Wednesday and the ‘buy the dip’ crowd on thursday, FTSE went from 7688 to 7662. I have mentioned before the 7650 level which seems to have some kind of attraction. These moves are great when we are selling premium. So personally I have […]

Mentoring- Problem Solving. 80+ Trades and no feedback???

By Helping you, we Gain Insights too We have always wanted a regular group of traders of varying ability, to meet with-in the flesh or online. The reasons are pretty obvious. We get to see who is doing what. Seeing what works or where the problems are. While we know an awful lot of strategies […]

That Was The Week ending Jun22

A Pickup in Vol, Then the Crush We saw the highly predictable OPEC talks raise oil prices  https://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/OPECs-Agreement-Sends-Oil-Prices-Soaring.html Not sure why the low volume BP and Shell share prices should move FTSE quite so dramatically, raising all boats. We did,however see volatility bump up at last. I note dividends are quite attractive currently even with […]

That Was The Week ending 15June

Expiry Week and A Roller Coaster We saw a huge rise Thursday with a very clear signal on the one hour that price was being rejected. Friday saw the market down to just over the 7700 level for the expiry auction. Then the market dumped- who knows why- China/Trump? Maybe,-oils and miners took a hit though. […]

That Was The Week Ending 9th June

What the actual????????? Afficionados of Tasty Trade, like us, often look to the next month’s trade about 45 dte (days to expiry). We just look at what didn’t happen this week. With 46 days to expiry this was the price of FTSE 7350 July put : 42.5  Subsequently it went to  30 in 4 days. […]

That Was The Week Ending 25 May

The Top Is In……. Or Is It? We witness a curious week. The drugs kicked in on Monday, a smidge up on Tuesday, then………. back to planet Earth. So,  I did say FTSE is not expensive. I did also say it’s credit fuelled exuberance, too. We cannot know what drives the market outside of the […]

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  • That Was The Week Ending 06July

    That Was The Week Ending 06July

    A Week of Economic Data A great free resource https://www.forexfactory.com/calendar.php and this: https://www.bls.gov Meanwhile in our own special corner of the globe, the FTSE’s volumes have dried up somewhat to around 600 million daily. We used to see 2 billion daily, long ago,but this time of year, the bosses go away. The junior manager left to oversee things […]

  • That Was The Week Ending 29June

    That Was The Week Ending 29June

    When The Market Goes Nowhere We’ve  dropped  some 40 points on the week but the uppy/downy allowed this trader to enter more positions. The more important value though is the VFTSE. For each of us the criteria may be different but on the whole, we sell more options than we buy when Vol is high. […]

  • Trade 85  Not Just 'Any Old Iron'

    Trade 85 Not Just ‘Any Old Iron’

    Trade 84- Nothing To Report With 26 days to expiry, Trade 84 is pretty much where we left it, so nothing to do but wait until we get near expiry. This is the natural cycle of events with options of course, where we use theta to our advantage. Time decay is no guarantee of trade […]

  • Trade 84- And, We're STILL Here

    Trade 84- And, We’re STILL Here

    Trade 83- doing OK Trade 83 was a buy of the 7800 call at 50.5, sell 2x 7900 call at 24.5. This is now trading at a credit of 4.5 to close out. There is no reason to close out or adjust,as the reasons for the trade have not changed. The market had 2 wobbly days […]

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