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Trade 141 Week Ending 19th July

That was the Week What Happened? Almost Nothing Apologies I will try to source VFTSE or an equivalent to give at least a flavour of market sentiment. It requires no Nobel prize to see that the market is not volatile. However-don’t you just love it when financial commentators talk about how volatile it’s been? Faisal […]

Trade140 Week Ending 12July

That Was The Week Astonishing yet lame. 6 consecutive down days-what the heck is going on? Nobody knows what they should be doing. Including this idiot!  I do from time to time mention the skew of the up days outnumbering down days. Recently it hit about 20. So the recent spat of downs has somewhat […]

Trade 139 Bit of A Mixed Bag.

FTSE confounds this trader! Gloom In An UP Week, And Apology- Google No Longer Gives VFTSE We watch FTSE, along with just about everything else, rampage upwards again. Thus this trader is wrong again, with my annoying  downside bias. Cynicism is not rewarded,suspension of disbelief, however, is. While, for many traders having a view on […]

Trade 138 Week Ending 28June

That Was The Week FTSE barely moved- up 18 and intraday moves ±0.5%. So, indecision is the order of the day but we may see some crazy next week. Trumpenomics tend to say one thing and then reverse. We were told that 5 key PMI indexes in the US were hitting lows not seen for 10 […]

Trade 137 Week Ending 21June

  That Was The Week Ugh! Volatility is officially in the crapper. Another annoying week of the F grinding up almost 1%. This trader was hoping for a softer week and anything below 7375 would have been perfect. The market does not dance to my tune, but we have had a great run. We still have […]

Trade 136 Week ending 14 June

That Was The Week We saw FTSE rise again to the dizzying height of 7420, and back down to reality at 7345. So next week is expiry week and personal positions need the old ‘F’ down to 7300. We close out our Jun expiry cycle trades and show >10% profit on the month. This is a […]

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  • Trade 135 Week Ending 7June

    Trade 135 Week Ending 7June

    That Was The Week FTSE Up almost 2.5% But,……………………………     SPX up 4.4% based on rumours of the FED softening and cutting rates. I think personally that they wanted to show how good things are when the commander-in-chief is out of the US! Actually bad news is good news. Good news is good news. Indifferent news is, […]

  • Trade134 Week Ending 31May

    Trade134 Week Ending 31May

    That Was The Week: So, we saw some more down moves, and perhaps a little more worrying, the US bond yields tumbling. Bond buyers are out in force. Risk off, as they say. Our week was shortened with public holidays as the month of May played the predictable role- ‘Sell in May’ a 3.46% decline […]

  • Trade 133 Week Ending 24 May

    Trade 133 Week Ending 24 May

    It’s The End of May- See What I did There! What happened this week? We saw a 1% drop in FTSE but since the start of May GBPUSD has dropped about 4%. Typically this is said to boost FTSE as our exports become cheaper due to the exchange rate. Though I suspect these are deals […]

  • Trade132 Week Ending 17May

    Trade132 Week Ending 17May

    That Was The Week On a personal level I had to make a few trade exits. Whilst I was aiming to get the 100 max on each, I was happy to settle for 23 for a put trade and 14 for a call trade. However max profit for me was at 7150 and 7450, so […]

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