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Week Ending 03 April

That Was The Week You’d have to applaud the powers that be as the market has not gone into total meltdown. So, does that mean they have priced in the risk? No. Nobody can make a market other than by putting out hugely wide spreads and seeing who bites. And yet-volumes have ramped up since […]

Trade Zero 0.3 Week Ending 27 March

  That Was The Week Oh my! Mr. Market made mighty swings in a week that went from <5000 to >5800. Seems a little futile talking % up or down. We can learn very little from this market as the drivers are so peculiar. Central bankers are pouring untold amounts  into markets. Many countries have ramped […]

Trade Zero 0.2, WeekEnding 20 March 2020

Should We Even Be Trading? Chances are that as short selling has been banned in most of Europe, the derivatives markets may be suspended. I will, however explain what I have done recently. Should it be a help to anyone. So let’s start with a few confessions: I often say I am a terrible trader […]

Trade Zero.01 Week Ending Friday 13th March

Charts and More Charts     Why This Cannot Continue So, this trader cannot see how the markets can continue to trade, based on pure conjecture, as it’s a one way bet. Nobody can quantify this,as it’s based on the ‘projections’ of infection, so we’ll leave that alone. The charts say it all. Twitter followers […]

Trade ZERO Week Ending 06March

That Was The Week- Not So Bad Considering………. Previously FTSE had lost >11% in one week and there seemed to be no bottom in sight. No change there, as nobody is making predictions. Of course the crazies are out saying buy buy buy. They do not know anything, they are just people desperately talking their […]

COVID-19 Means Closing Out and No Trades For Now

    There may be a break in our weekly missives due to the virus. We sincerely hope our readers are ok with their trades. There is no way to quantify the effects of this virus and it would be churlish to talk up the markets. Stay safe, and for those not clear about trade […]

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  • Trade 170 Week Ending 21 February

    Trade 170 Week Ending 21 February

    That Was The Week FTSE Dipped Toes, and Shrank Back From the Water’s Edge No dives this week. Those awful puns just keep coming! Our financial news is so confusing with so much ‘good’. Yet AAPL and Nasdaq taking a 2%+ hit as COVID-19 takes its toll on production in China. We know of UK […]

  • Trade 169 Week Ending 14th ♥ February

    Trade 169 Week Ending 14th ♥ February

    That Was The Week Not Much To Report So, the buyers jumped in with both feet, clutching sweaty fivers. Nobody knows why-given the unquantifiable risk of COVID-19 (maybe they think they have the’ inside’ track). However we know the market does nothing for a good reason. S&P and Nasdaq hit record highs. I read an […]

  • Trade 168 Week Ending 07February

    Trade 168 Week Ending 07February

    That Was The Week- A Big Up, Ending on a Sour Note The unknown that is coronavirus is now looking a little more ominous. This trader finds the market’s arrogance staggering. With no possible way to quantify this risk, how could the so-called bulls buy like it’s 1999? Up almost 3% until Friday. We saw […]

  • Trade167 Week Ending 31January. EU? We're out!

    Trade167 Week Ending 31January. EU? We’re out!

    That Was The Week:  Brexit, Coronavirus, Trump As the chart shows the FTSE and indeed global markets got spanked this week. FTSE dropped 4% this week and while the virus is an unknown, things may be somewhat dicey. The £, curiously, is $1.32 so it’s not clear if there is a lack of confidence in […]

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