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Trade156 Week Ending 08Nov

That Was The Week -We Ground Higher, Then Dropped Impeachment, drop out MPs and yet the financial markets grind away. So the S&P up 23% FTSE 9% YTD. And we just saw the S&P hit an all time high. Life’s good-borrow for nothing buy the dips. What could go wrong? How about this?       […]

Trade155 Week Ending 01November

That Was The Week So, a wiffle here a wiffle there- typical grinding away with no direction. However, most of the time markets go nowhere, but we don’t mind as we do not have to pick direction. So how can we profit from market inaction? Time decay favours those who are premium sellers. Though we […]

Trade154 Week Ending 25 October

  That Was The Week  Up 3%. While England Rugby Team Smite The Dark Lords Traders and Brexit watchers seem delighted with this week’s mayhem. So, kicking the can along the road is the number one game in town, yet again. How many times have we all thought, ‘I’ll hang on until the vote’. Thus […]

Trade 153 Week Ending 18 October, More Brexit.

The Week of Utter Bewilderment- again There are no words, it’s politics of the lowest calibre. Let’s stick with our trading. FTSE did have a blip up to save our trade 150, and then a trip down. However, 151 and it’s sister 152 did fabulous business.I had a disappointing quick put spread that did zip. Here’s […]

Trade 152 Week Ending 11 October

What a Week – High Drama Low Expectations So, Brexit, China/US trade talks…. or the FED? You decide. Buyers of GBPUSD got excited, as we saw from 1.2227 to 1.2703. A 3.9% jump. Curiously FTSE100 up just over 1% from 7160 this week -normally it moves counter to sterling. FTSE250 -well,  as you can see! […]

Trade 151 Week Ending 04October

FTSE Warts an’ All    And our German Counterparts Get This: VDAX- Who Knew? So, I understand this is new but it is sick making that the self proclaimed financial centre of the globe here, gives us a big fat zero. Traders may ponder quite what the VDAX means as an entity. This trader might […]

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  • Trade150! Week Ending 27Sept and a Biiiig Apology

    Trade150! Week Ending 27Sept and a Biiiig Apology

    Business As Usual Resumed This Week Big apology as there was no contribution last week due to a certain trader being away courtesy of Thomas Cook (last known share price 3.45p). I should have suspected there might be issues but when sun and sea and history all beckoned, the rose tinted specs were ON! I […]

  • Trade149 Week ending Friday 13th

    Trade149 Week ending Friday 13th

    That Was The Week FTSE up about 1.17% on reasonable volume, volatility off the proverbial cliff, sort of. Sterling had a big rally so it’s a surprise to see FTSE also gaining. Faith in the UK is undiminished despite the dim antics as Parliament finished. (See what I did there?) Traders will doubtless have been setting up […]

  • Trade148 Week Ending 06Sept  Brexit Means Bloxit.

    Trade148 Week Ending 06Sept Brexit Means Bloxit.

      That Was The Week – Political Pettifoggery No comment needed, we trade options, manage risk sensibly and separate noise from signal. We are awaiting news on VFTSE, but VIX is a fair proxy for now. Tuesday saw some nice volatility, and this trader again ignored the *45dte trading window. Why? Curiously,in a conversation about […]

  • Trade 147 Week Ending 30August  The PM's Lost It! Panic some more

    Trade 147 Week Ending 30August The PM’s Lost It! Panic some more

    That Was The Week Well, we saw panic as GBPUSD dropped 1% thanks to Bojo, then recovered to its previous level at 1.22. Curiously FTSE took a dive at the same time but then recovered, as everyone looked up from their screens and decided it’s political nonsense. I took a view that perhaps the PM had […]

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