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That Was The Week ending 15June

Expiry Week and A Roller Coaster We saw a huge rise Thursday with a very clear signal on the one hour that price was being rejected. Friday saw the market down to just over the 7700 level for the expiry auction. Then the market dumped- who knows why- China/Trump? Maybe,-oils and miners took a hit though. […]

That Was The Week Ending 9th June

What the actual????????? Afficionados of Tasty Trade, like us, often look to the next month’s trade about 45 dte (days to expiry). We just look at what didn’t happen this week. With 46 days to expiry this was the price of FTSE 7350 July put : 42.5  Subsequently it went to  30 in 4 days. […]

That Was The Week Ending 25 May

The Top Is In……. Or Is It? We witness a curious week. The drugs kicked in on Monday, a smidge up on Tuesday, then………. back to planet Earth. So,  I did say FTSE is not expensive. I did also say it’s credit fuelled exuberance, too. We cannot know what drives the market outside of the […]

That Was The Week Ending18 May

Not Unexpected Move For Expiry Week FTSE up yet another percent- though it had become a feature in 2017 for ‘down’ expiry weeks. I make no suggestion that the big market players were short, but were they? We now seem to be all guns blazing onwards and upwards. Who or what could derail this ? […]

That Was The Week ending 04May

Uneventful, But Reminiscent of 2017 All the tiny daily gains wiped out on Thursday,then a big up on Friday. Weak pound/strong dollar, and non farm payrolls may have given FTSE a boost. Of course the old adage ‘Sell in May’ go away, come back on St. Legers day may still hold water. St. Legers day […]

That Was The Week Ending 27th April

Back Up To The Ceiling Well the eagerly awaited drop and subsequent hike in volatility didn’t happen. Our graphic shows how the FTSE reacted to the suddenly cheap £. So bad news makes the UK pound lose value but makes the market go up? Yup. FTSE is comprised of companies that make money all over […]

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  • That Was The Week Ending 01June

    That Was The Week Ending 01June

    A Real Nothing Despite The Euro Crazy Italy’s shenanigans saw a big drop on Tuesday  – but of course the money soon piled back in. Trump tariffs also threatened to destabilise markets. FTSE reacted little in the end as we saw a drop of about 30 points. Intra day moves made trading possible but the […]

  • Trade 81 -What Can We Do With A Topped Out Market?

    Trade 81 -What Can We Do With A Topped Out Market?

    Trade 80 has gone nowhere- a flash of upside,then back down (thankfully for this trader) Another Tool In The Chest While we must always consider the Greeks, and ‘moneyness’ another metric is our old friend ‘open interest’ Oft times I have said that I can read more in an options chain than a chart. That […]

  • Trade 80- A Milestone- What's That in Metric, eh?

    Trade 80- A Milestone- What’s That in Metric, eh?

    Trade 79: How Did We Do? Remember?……. Straddle!  7725 call at  79.5 and 100.5 for the put. We buy both for a total 180. Close of play on Friday 107.5 and 71.5 =179.                    We can run this or close it, hard call but at least it is […]

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