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Trade 92 Week Ending 10 August

Trade 92- we’ll get to that. Meanwhile, yet again the market went absolutley nowhere-we closed UP 3 points, despite the crazy at the end of the week. The dumb money moved in,and promptly scurried away. Cryptos? who the heck is losing their shirt currently? I don’t get it-might as well wet a finger and use […]

That Was The Week Ending 27July

Going Nowhere A trader might argue that for strangles straddles and iron condors,this has been a peachy couple of weeks. The FTSE has really gone nowhere. Again. As options traders we always like to have ‘skin in the game’ to take advantage of theta (time decay). The mitigation of risk,however, means that is it generally […]

That Was The Week- Expiring 20th July

  Here’s One We Made Earlier Trade 87  Buy1 (one) 7550 put paying 44 we are SELLING,  3 that’s three of the 7400 puts for 16.5 each= 49.5. A credit of 5.5 .The 7400 puts were 3.5, the 7550 was 19.(Closing prices Mon 16th July). Thus you could have made a cheeky 8.5+5.5 credit= 14. Margin would have […]

That Was The Week Ending 13July

Treading Water With Some Strange Days With the bizarre 1.3% drop on Wednesday and the ‘buy the dip’ crowd on thursday, FTSE went from 7688 to 7662. I have mentioned before the 7650 level which seems to have some kind of attraction. These moves are great when we are selling premium. So personally I have […]

Mentoring- Problem Solving. 80+ Trades and no feedback???

By Helping you, we Gain Insights too We have always wanted a regular group of traders of varying ability, to meet with-in the flesh or online. The reasons are pretty obvious. We get to see who is doing what. Seeing what works or where the problems are. While we know an awful lot of strategies […]

That Was The Week ending Jun22

A Pickup in Vol, Then the Crush We saw the highly predictable OPEC talks raise oil prices  https://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/OPECs-Agreement-Sends-Oil-Prices-Soaring.html Not sure why the low volume BP and Shell share prices should move FTSE quite so dramatically, raising all boats. We did,however see volatility bump up at last. I note dividends are quite attractive currently even with […]

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  • Trade 89 Nothing Like a Butterfly

    Trade 89 Nothing Like a Butterfly

    Limited But Almost Assured Upside? The usual media suspects are trotting out the usual line- earnings season, earnings beating expectations etc. I have no inside track but seriously?  Debt overwhelms any sort of growth. Why wouldn’t you borrow at 1% buy your own stock and make 5%? Company insiders know what’s going on but they […]

  • Trade 88 Playing Not To Lose

    Trade 88 Playing Not To Lose

    Trade 87-So We Win Tiny, There’s Still Hope Trade 87-from last week:We were buying  1 (one) 7550 put paying 44(Lewis Hamilton’s number) and we are SELLING, get this… 3 that’s three of the 7400 puts for 16.5 each= 49.5. A credit of 5.5 but that is really not the point. Sorry for Lewis Hamilton too! Biiiig […]

  • Trade 87 A Doofer? A Fiver? Nah- a Threefer

    Meanwhile back at the Factory…….. Trade 86-remember? Course not. Here it is: We are selling 2July 7100 puts(14×2=28), buying 1 August7100 put for 30. We are selling 2 July 7800 calls( 23.5×2=47) And buying 1August 7800 call for 48.5 So, this is a debit trade, therefore at a cost of (30-28)+ (48.5-47)= 2+1.5.=3.5 Here is where […]

  • That Was The Week Ending 06July

    That Was The Week Ending 06July

    A Week of Economic Data A great free resource https://www.forexfactory.com/calendar.php and this: https://www.bls.gov Meanwhile in our own special corner of the globe, the FTSE’s volumes have dried up somewhat to around 600 million daily. We used to see 2 billion daily, long ago,but this time of year, the bosses go away. The junior manager left to oversee things […]

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