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That Was the Week Ending 23Feb

  The Week’s Action A 100 point range all week and some downside, losing about 1%. Low volumes, which may mean a bit of a breather-or indecision as it’s better known. The bigger picture? Central banks and inflation seem to be the prime culprits for the uppy downy stuff. Where Are We, Where are the […]

That Was the Week Ending 16Feb

  With Thanks To Stock Twits This what happens when you short VIX. This is what happens when you trade a strategy: Margin increase from 16% of account to 50% of account. Trade went £2k per lot underwater. Don’t panic !!!!!! VIX spikes are temporary, and we can adjust. Outcome: Trade profitable £300 per lot.Unnecessary adjustment cost […]

That Was The 2nd EEEEk that was 09February

Here’s What Happened 7443 down to 7092– a drop of 4.7%. VFTSE effectively doubled. So,margin increased 3 to 5 fold. Nobody rejoices in this-even those who doubtless have made a fortune. Such huge moves, even greater in the US and reflected in Futures trades, are ugly events. How Are We Doing? Well our last 2 trades […]

That Was the Eeeeek Ending 02February

What The Heck? Who pulled the plug? This is classic-the trader cannot update beliefs about the market. Call it torpor,whatever but this is the first dip and it’s a year overdue. Should we feel out of touch? Yes, in a nutshell,we have been asleep at the wheel. Personally I was long a call strategy, but also have […]

That Was The Week Ending 26th January

Here’s What the Week Looked Like To Us. A Drop! More Than 1%! Well, it fizzled out and volatility had a tiny blip which did nought for options prices. This kind of move makes traders believe it might be the start of a bigger slide. We just see forlorn looking options prices-though selling certain options […]

That Was The Week Ending 19 January

The New Year and The First Expiry The lack of serious action has been causing us grief for 12 months or more. The ‘expiry guess’ was better than I could have hoped for with TRADE 62 being a close out the day before. We don’t like PIN risk. That is what it’s called when you […]

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  • Trade 65 Sell The Farm!

    Trade 65 Sell The Farm!

    Technical Analysis- Does It Work-and Trade 65 I  annotated the above chart,to show the signals that for my set up, indicated a drop. Of course I ignored the chart, signals that clear don’t work, do they? And now? Clear as mud, and overbought conditions did remain for months. I believe we have a new market […]

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