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Trade119 Week Ending 15February

That Was The Week FTSE rose from 7071 to 7236 up 2.3% because everything’s peachy. Typically, as ‘permabear’ I always assume the market is wildly optimistic, as real results often disappoint. So, retail sales seem to have bounced back as people bagged the 70% off bargains. Thus I think if shops can sell stuff at […]

Trade 118 Week ending 08 February-an apology

Apology Sorry- I confused last week’s trade with 116 when it should have been 117. We will look at them both shortly. Meanwhile: So- What’s Going On? Europe in disarray-desperate attempts to save Deutsche Bank, the DAX has big down days, the £sterling barely blinks. I am naturally cynical and firmly believe people talk up […]

Trade117 Week Ending 01February

Noooooooo!!!! Don’t Take Our Volatility The vol Grinch has been at it again. From 16 to 13 that is a big ouch! FTSE rose 3.098%, to be pedantic. So what’s the takeaway this week? Brexit, chaos in Parliament as another historic vote becomes ‘simply historic’. The £ has risen too, and so have bonds, and […]

Trade 116 Week Ending 25 January- Two More Winners

The Week- What Happened? After the ‘apparently lunatic’ rise last Friday, I’m sure we all jumped aboard,thinking ‘this is ridiculous’. And well done us! I sometimes think I am seeing what the market isn’t. I believe that given the massive data the funds have to trade with, it must be bewildering. We filter out what […]

Trade 115 Week Ending 18 Jan, and Expiry.

A Gentle Reminder Volatility was at 24 a few weeks ago. We saw it stay above 20 for a few weeks. Very high vol never lasts long, low vol can last a year. We saw 6.19 low and a brief spike at 16, in 2017. Dumb money flows back and forth and people’s opinions change. […]

Trade114 Week ending 11Jan2019

Sea Change or Another Bogus Blip? FTSE hit 6600 at the start of trading in 2019, and has since bounced, as I’m sure we all know. So, what has changed? Is the ‘bad news’ priced in?  I just received an email proclaiming how great it is for a stock investor, when the share price goes […]

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  • Trade113 Week Ending 04Jan2019

    Trade113 Week Ending 04Jan2019

    Up 3% on the week- nobody saw that coming, but we don’t mind.Vol dropping massively,as you’d expect. Did I take advantage at 45DTE on Wednesday? Not saying-ok, I missed out! Grrrrrrr New Year, Same Old Crazy Here we are in 2019, and we are sure all our readers are not only solvent, but profitable. So […]

  • Not Trade 112 for New Year 2019- Just For Education

    Not Trade 112 for New Year 2019- Just For Education

    Posted on Twitter by Tasty Trade https://twitter.com/tastytraderMike/status/1079802382652002305   For Comparison I have tried to crunch a few numbers-see options calculator results below. We see here a price discrepancy in risk/reward and this may be due to VFTSE=22 VIX=28. Thus we note US volatility is a lot higher than the UK. Who knows what that may be attributed […]

  • Trade 112 Week Ending 28 December- Keeping Our Cash Safe

    Trade 112 Week Ending 28 December- Keeping Our Cash Safe

    What The Actual????? A Wild Ride This Week So, nobody was more relieved than I that the US markets smashed up in record trading after horrible falls. Though it’s silly season, it is unsettling to see such huge drops. We also saw 10 consecutive down days on the SPX. Maybe it was algo’s pension funds […]

  • Trade111 Week Ending 21 December-Almost Xmas

    Trade111 Week Ending 21 December-Almost Xmas

    Down Down Down Oh dear- the US got smashed to bits: SPX 2591-2416 a ‘uge 7% drop. We fared somewhat better- around 2% drop but from the high 7790 in August we are off by almost 14%. The omens are not good and we should bear in mind that the big pension funds get their […]

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