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Trade 170 Week Ending 21 February

That Was The Week FTSE Dipped Toes, and Shrank Back From the Water’s Edge No dives this week. Those awful puns just keep coming! Our financial news is so confusing with so much ‘good’. Yet AAPL and Nasdaq taking a 2%+ hit as COVID-19 takes its toll on production in China. We know of UK […]

Trade 169 Week Ending 14th ♥ February

That Was The Week Not Much To Report So, the buyers jumped in with both feet, clutching sweaty fivers. Nobody knows why-given the unquantifiable risk of COVID-19 (maybe they think they have the’ inside’ track). However we know the market does nothing for a good reason. S&P and Nasdaq hit record highs. I read an […]

Trade 168 Week Ending 07February

That Was The Week- A Big Up, Ending on a Sour Note The unknown that is coronavirus is now looking a little more ominous. This trader finds the market’s arrogance staggering. With no possible way to quantify this risk, how could the so-called bulls buy like it’s 1999? Up almost 3% until Friday. We saw […]

Trade167 Week Ending 31January. EU? We’re out!

That Was The Week:  Brexit, Coronavirus, Trump As the chart shows the FTSE and indeed global markets got spanked this week. FTSE dropped 4% this week and while the virus is an unknown, things may be somewhat dicey. The £, curiously, is $1.32 so it’s not clear if there is a lack of confidence in […]

Trade166 Week Ending 24Jan2020

That Was The Week- Some Movement and a VIX Pop Volatility, sadly, is not reflected in UK options with  .30 delta put trading at 12% vol. during Thursday’s plummet. So what’s going on? Massive open interest for the 7800 call. We are all a bit tame elsewhere for February expiry. Global medical scares in the […]

Trade 165 Week Ending 17th January

Another Dreary Week For a Volatility Hungry Trader Up again- another 1%+.Quelle surprise mes amis (just using up the last quota before Brexit means no French words allowed).  So Brexit looms nobody gives a monkey’s, to coin a phrase. Our esteemed chancellor casually mentioned that businesses may find the ground a ‘tad shaky’. However,nobody cares. […]

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  • mild disinterest sums this up

    Trade 164 Week ending 10 January

    Another Week of Nothing- Are We Exhausted? Perhaps a great many folk are still on leave. Arch enemies USA and Iran squared up to each other but it all fizzled out. Commentators are saying the market is in imminent danger– NOT. Retailers are in decline and partners in John Lewis may not get their bonus, […]

  • Trade163 Week Ending 03Jan 2020(really????)

    Trade163 Week Ending 03Jan 2020(really????)

    The Week of Going Nowhere FTSE’s inertia was hardly surprising given a quiet week for trading and tiny volumes. We ‘take stock’ with each new year and this new decade is a big milestone.  Ten years ago we saw FTSE at 5413, up about 40%. The nation’s debt is up 80% So, if the UK […]

  • Trade 162 Post Xmas Week Ending 27December

    Trade 162 Post Xmas Week Ending 27December

    That Was The Week- Another Bump Up Fellow traders-is anyone seriously short here? We have now seen 11 consecutive up days. I believe the running count of up/down to be 134 up against 114 down. That, for my money, is a little skewed but with only 2 remaining trading days it’s of little value. The […]

  • Xmas Week- We'll Be Back With Trade 162

    Xmas Week- We’ll Be Back With Trade 162

    Impeachment, Election, Global Environmental Issues New Governor at B of E,Interest Rates -All This Week- Phew! (Eu)phoria- see what I did there? I believe we had a big old bump out of boredom. Politics- we’re all worn out. Interest rate? No change, yet again. The planet? Hard to process the immensity of ongoing disasters, deeply […]

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