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Trade173 Week Ending 29May . The Crazy Keeps Coming

That Was The Week- Optimism v Pragmatism. Lockdown v Unknown Risk VIX and FTSE look uncorrelated this week but the US has a magic formula for money. Illustrated below: Does this make FTSE cheap? Well, there are many factors, $ strength and the nature of our different economies and loose monetary policy. Here’s a cheery […]

Trade 172(Yes!) Week Ending 22 May -New Normal/Abnormal

That Was The Week Miracle Covid Cures Came and Went FTSE Up 3.34% the third highest weekly rise in a year. However- the S&P500  up 32% from the low, FTSE up 24%. So is this some kind of clue as to direction? Well, FTSE has a PER of 13.32 but this does not reflect the massive losses […]

Trade 171 Week Ending 15 May- Back To ‘New Normal’

That Was The Week- Big one day drop, Down 2.29% on The Week This trader is tentatively looking at taking new trades back in to our track record. To be honest the trades in our ‘furlough’ have done absolutely monster business. You ask why? Simples really- the prices tell us most of the info we […]

TradeZero 0.9 Week Ending 08May

That Was The Week- VIX dropped 25% Game Over for Panic Drop? Of course we had a shortened trading week to celebrate   So what happened? FTSE had a couple of up days, oil seemed to bounce back somewhat and gold just grinds higher most weeks. The economy we are told will shrink some 14% […]

Trade Zero 0.8 Week Ending 1st May

  When You Need Some Levity I was hoping to find a clown car image to sum up this week’s market activity. The ‘clown car’ concept comes from the illusion that 1 clown gets in and about 15 clowns get out. So we have clown car financing. The funny money. The IOU our grandkids don’t […]

Trade Zero.0.7 Week Ending 24 April

That Was The Week, FTSE  Went Nowhere How often do we see week after week that the market went nowhere? In a pandemic? Thus, this trader thinks it’s still a lucky dip/lottery/ shooting gallery at the funfair. However, Stockcharts.com made these 2 free videos that are of interest to anyone who trades and needs some […]

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  • Trade Zero 0.6 Week Ending 17 April

    Trade Zero 0.6 Week Ending 17 April

    That Was The Week -Curate’s Egg of A Week Conflicting Covid reports continue to move the market. However,the financial media tell us the market looks 12-18 months ahead. Comedy gold. We continue to suggest that this market is just for pure punters and normality is some months hence. I think many of us have followed: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ […]

  • Trade Zero 0.5 Week Ending 10 April

    Trade Zero 0.5 Week Ending 10 April

    That Was The Week of XXX Largesse- The US up 12% Well, the stockmarkets are loving the trillions borrowed from the future. Outside of this bubble the real world knows that when 16.5 millions lose their jobs, they do not buy stocks. Not next month, not next year. The unemployed have debt and little access […]

  • Week Ending 03 April

    Week Ending 03 April

    That Was The Week You’d have to applaud the powers that be as the market has not gone into total meltdown. So, does that mean they have priced in the risk? No. Nobody can make a market other than by putting out hugely wide spreads and seeing who bites. And yet-volumes have ramped up since […]

  • Trade Zero 0.3 Week Ending 27 March

    Trade Zero 0.3 Week Ending 27 March

      That Was The Week Oh my! Mr. Market made mighty swings in a week that went from <5000 to >5800. Seems a little futile talking % up or down. We can learn very little from this market as the drivers are so peculiar. Central bankers are pouring untold amounts  into markets. Many countries have ramped […]

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