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Trade 183 Week Ending 07August

That Was The Week – A Rise of 2.28% So, we note the 6000 level seems to be a magnet as might be expected for no particular reason. Non- Farm payrolls had no effect on FTSE but the US indices S&P 500 almost making new high, Nasdaq at new highs. Same theme- FAANGs and a […]

Trade 182 Week Ending 31July

  That Was The Week- Couple of Big Down Days Making a Weekly Drop of 3.69% Forex ‘farmers’ noted that  GBPUSD was up another 3¢ this week. We digested some mixed economic news, and got more confusing guidelines. Analysing current news output is fraught with difficulties, as biases seem to be dominating, pragmatism taking a poor […]

Trade 181 Week Ending 24July

That Was The Week – Change of Mood? Our index down 2.65% this week but FTSE does not have the same constituents as S&P500 with FAANGs which hold it aloft. China seemed to take a hit on Friday too, as tensions increased over tit-for-tat consulate closures with the US. However it must be argued that the […]

Trade 180 Week Ending 17July

  That Was The Week – FTSE Up 3.2% The economy presented a mixed picture, with China allegedly rebounding, UK economy looking grim, job numbers hideous. Central bankers underpin this however with ‘Yuge’ bundles of wonga, and an ongoing commitment of more to come. Idiot that I am I still believe the global economy must […]

Trade 179 Week Ending 10July

That Was The Week A Big Up Some Big Downs -Vix still high This doom-monger got interested when the 6000 level was broken, but some buying came in on Friday morning. ( No clue here- just typical of too much money chasing too few things). Inflation mythology continues as the stockmarket seems to be the […]

Trade 178 Week Ending 03July

That Was The Week -Ups and Downs But Back To Square One Without prompting, there appears a slightly worrying theme this week. Fakery. The link below alludes to the mysterious DAX tech issue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-GlT0LpYFI&list=LLQWrtPult3vXqZiq7BqMOAQ&index=2&t=455s Then we have this, which personally I just find amusing! https://smallcaps.com.au/china-counterfeit-gold-scandal-wuhan-kingold-jewelry-fake-bars-loans/ Then there’s the wonderful jobs data- about as solid as those […]

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  • Trade 177 Week Ending 26June Hitting The Beaches Adversely

    Trade 177 Week Ending 26June Hitting The Beaches Adversely

    That Was The Week -Looking ‘Positive'( Buying Stocks) Until Covid Reality Hit So this week I became an ‘almost’ trader. I cannot trade with any conviction as the virus is such an unknown. Stockmarket bulls think they are genius, as QE continues to underpin a market that may soon get a sharp dose of reality. […]

  • Trade 176 Week Ending 19th June Triple Witching

    Trade 176 Week Ending 19th June Triple Witching

    That Was The Week Ending 19th June- Options and Futures Expiry Expiry managed to sidestep all my potential profit making positions! A good week for buy and hope, though S&P Futures took a dive at the end of play. Disparaging as my view may be, the ongoing disconnect with the real economy and the markets […]

  • Trade 175 Week Ending 12 June Normal Has Left The Building

    Trade 175 Week Ending 12 June Normal Has Left The Building

    That Was The Week When BTFD got a Kick in the Pants So, this week traders saw some semblance of ‘order’ and then Thursday happened. Happily for this trader! So why, oh why, is there such a disconnect? Economists tell us we had a 20%+ drop in economic activity, the market stayed aloft. Economists’ inflationary […]

  • Trade174 Week Ending 05June - Crazier Than Last Week

    Trade174 Week Ending 05June – Crazier Than Last Week

    That Was The Week – Record Weekly Rise -Almost Since 2009, this numptie has found 4 other weekly rises of >5%. The biggest we found, November 2011 +7.51%. Much of our trading is predicated on a sideways markets, which is what happens most of the time. Since May 15 low of 5741 we see a […]

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