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Trade101 Week Ending 12October

Oh My! Some Drop, Who Saw That Coming? Er, most of us, But Not That Big The  drop since 03 October-  6.66% when FTSE was 7510 and it all looked ok. Warnings abounded- “bond yields!” They screamed, FED rate hikes they exclaimed. Markets drop from highs-only the fund managers buy at the top. The classic ‘they are […]

Trade100! Week Ending 05 October

Our Maiden Century(With thanks to Giphy.com) What does it mean? Statistically 100 events can have some meaning attached for analysis. I think we have about 5 losing trades, by the way. In due course a summary of these 100 trades will be made available. A lot to get through this week as the interminable FTSE […]

Trade 99! Week Ending 28September

The Week’s Activity Again at the end of the week, the rise after Monday’s open is negated pretty much. VFTSE picked up a little on Friday. Politics grabs the headlines, but typically it is nothing that bothers us, and the markets have seen it all before. That is not to belittle Dr.Ford’s experience – but […]

Trade97 Week Ending 14 September

That Was The Week A bit of a nothing but it didn’t feel like it as the FTSE dropped beneath the waves with a low of 7220. I have several positions running into this expiry,and confess to failing to take the 45DTE (Oct expiry trade) That came into view on 7th Sept. Of course this […]

Trade 96 Week Ending 07Sept

Action This Week We have seen FTSE drop substantially from  7760 on 11th August- to the the low on Friday  which was 7227. We had almost 12 weeks of centering around 7650 and perhaps that is the new resistance. Hope we find decent support this week. Typically my trades can withstand a 6% drop,thereafter I […]

Trade 95 Week Ending 31 August

Some Graphics To Pore Over, and a Great Exit for Trade 94 As we ALL know- don’t we, volatility rises when the market falls. It can rise when the market rises but it is a measure of the cost of risk. For premium sellers it is a thing of beauty, for those already short premium, […]