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Trade109 Week ending 07 December- Ouch!

What Happened? Or Rather What Didn’t A week of roller coaster action that this trader did not foresee. I try to stick to the knitting, and place my trades ±45DTE (days to expiry). Thus Wednesday’s drop looked opportune- volatility at 18%– not bad, I’m thinking. I’d put in a cheeky offer. (Tuesday gave rise to […]

Trade 108 Week Ending 30 November

So- What Happened This Week? Clearer Direction? Big Dramas? 7036 to 6980 -It looked racier than it was. Yet again this sideways action suits some trades with the slow grind of theta.     December thoughts From the Big People https://activetrader.cmegroup.com/infocus/story?id=819&video=5972214953001#videos Hope the link works- I get a plethora of helpful emails-and yes, 95% from […]

Trade 107 Week Ending 23 November

Big Ups After Big Downs, Then Up….and Down I was surprised by the down move on Tuesday- matched by Wednesday’s bonkers rise. GBPUSD has been up and down, quite predictably. Dismally missing out this week, failing to add to my positions. I took in a credit of 24 last week and for more of the […]

Extraordinary Event

Naked Sellers Destroyed CATASTROPHIC LOSS EVENT On November 15, 2018, OptionSellers.com notified its investors in an email entitled “Catastrophic Loss Event” that it not only lost all their money, but that they would also owe money to Intl FC Stone for margin calls. According to OptionSellers.com, they lost a substantial portion of their investors’ assets […]

Trade 106 Week Ending 16November

A Bit of A Drop, Take a Break, Sit (See what I did there?)  Guffaws of laughter, conspicuous by absence! I love wordplay and enjoy humour in our bewildered media. Nobody can honestly have a clue what it now means to stay in or leave the EU.  The overly lauded economic growth is a symptom […]

Trade 105 Week Ending 09 November, Politics and Markets

Up Down, More of The Same Barely a move, yet Tuesday being 45 days to expiry (DTE) would have served me perfectly with my December put strategies.  I didn’t of course take the trade. Because,(scaredy cat me) in the last couple of months there was one entry I happily missed. FTSE dropped hugely. Would I […]

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  • Trade 104 Week Ending 02 Novembrrrrrr

    Trade 104 Week Ending 02 Novembrrrrrr

    Volatility Peaked Then Dipped, on Big Rises and Falls   That Was The Week In a week FTSE has risen 2.2% from 6939.56 to 7094.12. We note trade volumes much greater on the down days. Volatility remains heightened. Non farm payrolls were ok giving the FED licence to raise interest rates. Wages-the key ingredient in […]

  • Trade 103 Week Ending 26 October

    Trade 103 Week Ending 26 October

    That Was The Week, a Bit of Uppy Downy For Once A bit of excitement this week over 250 point range but basically after all the shouting, FTSE is down about 100 points. More to come? We need a good shake out sometimes as Vol has been in the closet for so long. and on […]

  • Trade102 Week Ending 19th October

      I’m sure this is a noble venture and can be found here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/RobinhoodOptions/ Unfortunately much of what I have seen is just terrible. I mostly see a bunch of hapless punters all taking a ‘punt’ on this stock or that stock. Even worse they are buying or selling naked without a clue what they are doing. No analysis, […]

  • Trade102- Website Issues

    Cannot publish with graphics Here’s the next trade so you can be sure it is real and not some cherry picked claim to a trade as some sites may do. Trade 102- Let The Market Decide Sometimes we like to leg in, when we don’t know where we are at. I might think this is the bottom […]

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