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Trade149 Week ending Friday 13th

That Was The Week FTSE up about 1.17% on reasonable volume, volatility off the proverbial cliff, sort of. Sterling had a big rally so it’s a surprise to see FTSE also gaining. Faith in the UK is undiminished despite the dim antics as Parliament finished. (See what I did there?) Traders will doubtless have been setting up […]

Trade148 Week Ending 06Sept Brexit Means Bloxit.

  That Was The Week – Political Pettifoggery No comment needed, we trade options, manage risk sensibly and separate noise from signal. We are awaiting news on VFTSE, but VIX is a fair proxy for now. Tuesday saw some nice volatility, and this trader again ignored the *45dte trading window. Why? Curiously,in a conversation about […]

Trade 147 Week Ending 30August The PM’s Lost It! Panic some more

That Was The Week Well, we saw panic as GBPUSD dropped 1% thanks to Bojo, then recovered to its previous level at 1.22. Curiously FTSE took a dive at the same time but then recovered, as everyone looked up from their screens and decided it’s political nonsense. I took a view that perhaps the PM had […]

Trade146- Yes, Panic! Orange Alert

A Reminder of What We Do -For New Readers As I talk with non-traders who have no idea about options, I’m in a bit of a dilemma. Sure I could go in all guns blazing-the Greeks etc. However I like the analogy of the insurance market. Options are a kind of insurance. Thus the options […]

Trade145 Week Ending 16 August- Don’t Panic!

    That Was The Week The US got a bit crazy with that 3% drop on Wednesday. This trader thought there’d be a bounce and closed out what would have been the perfect long put position at 7200. However 30% of max profit is ok too. Traders nursing big losses in the recent turmoil […]

Trade144 Week Ending 09August- Content Added

That Was The Week So, from the precipitous drop as seen from the open on Monday to close on Friday, this was the tiniest move, with some major wobbles in between. Traders with a keen eye will have seen how small the volumes are. While we know it’s the silly season for the press,and the […]

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  • Trade 143 Week Ending 02August

    Trade 143 Week Ending 02August

    That was the Week- When The Markets Were Trumped by a Tweet Fooled By Randomness In a week that saw the market swoon from a dreary FED announcement, a bonkers Tweet and an innocuous non farm payrolls report. Instead of making idle coment I’d like to introduce a couple of things that caught my eye […]

  • Trade 142 Week ending 26July

    Trade 142 Week ending 26July

    That Was The Week Absence of Data We are, as UK retail traders mostly deprived of good data. Thus the demise of VFTSE has meant looking for a substitute. Readers will doubtless be aware of Bollinger Bands https://www.bollingerbands.com/bollinger-bands In our case, being somewhat visually inept, we use Bollinger band width. The basis of this is that […]

  • Trade 141 Week Ending 19th July

    Trade 141 Week Ending 19th July

    That was the Week What Happened? Almost Nothing Apologies I will try to source VFTSE or an equivalent to give at least a flavour of market sentiment. It requires no Nobel prize to see that the market is not volatile. However-don’t you just love it when financial commentators talk about how volatile it’s been? Faisal […]

  • Trade140 Week Ending 12July

    Trade140 Week Ending 12July

    That Was The Week Astonishing yet lame. 6 consecutive down days-what the heck is going on? Nobody knows what they should be doing. Including this idiot!  I do from time to time mention the skew of the up days outnumbering down days. Recently it hit about 20. So the recent spat of downs has somewhat […]

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