Mentoring- Problem Solving. 80+ Trades and no feedback???

By Helping you, we Gain Insights too

We have always wanted a regular group of traders of varying ability, to meet with-in the flesh or online. The reasons are pretty obvious. We get to see who is doing what. Seeing what works or where the problems are. While we know an awful lot of strategies there is always something to learn. So, maybe it’s trade entries or exits,totally separate from finding great looking trades. Maybe it’s a lack of confidence brought about by the terrible isolation options traders endure. Well-misery loves company which is why you will finds many losers and critics all congregating in the same places. Harsh words,maybe but there is no mercy in our world. You don’t get another innings out of kindness.

How Would This Work?

We’d like you to tell us. We’d like comments, suggestions, even insults! So long as we communicate and work towards our goal of a powerful trading group.The process can be anything from looking at a track record and appraising, warts and all. It could be telephone help. Our phone costs nothing for calls up to one hour. Meeting in the flesh? Delighted so long as we have common ground, and a passion for options. Real time assistance would not be readily available except by arrangement. That is not rules out by any means.

What’s The Catch?

None. No fees, no demands. You get what you need to attain your comfort level, making consistent profits- paper or real. This site is free, our input is free. In this age of cynicism we know people are looking for the ‘catch’. Therefore challenge us. There is nothing to lose-maybe a battered ego, or some serious dents in your trading account. Things that can be fixed. Been there. So, get on to us, and if you are local to Surrey/West London meets in the flesh are going to happen.

We Love What We Do

Show us an options chain and we get fired up. Our motivation is simply the entire process. From entry by position in the expiry cycle, to monitoring and adjusting, to exiting part or all of the trade. So many delicious variables, options are a trader’s cornucopia (look it up!)


Are there ANY female traders? We know you have a different approach and we know you are in a minority but you do exist. You bring so much more to the mix, and we are not a boys club. We want to galvanise UK traders.


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About the Author: First found out about options in 1995.From the arcane magazine Exchange and Mart! First trade- a covered call on VOD in 1999. Made 10%,VOD almost doubled. That's when I realised I was not a good trader,and I was forgiven thanks to the amazing world of exchange traded options

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